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How it Works

  • Your Rice Bowl meal kits have arrived! Unpack and stock them in the fridge for a later time or heat them up.

  • Remove plastic film from rice & veggie tray. Add Rice Bowl sauce and protein on top of rice and vegetables.

  • Ready to eat in 3 minutes. Microwave the Rice Bowl meal. Add an additional 1 minute if needed.

  • Optional: Garnish your bowl with parsley and sliced avocado.

  • Viola! Enjoy and repeat. Choose to have your meals delivered to your door-step weekly.

Rice Bowl Benefits

Benefits of Rice Bowl

• Ready in minutes

• Gluten-free

• Easily customizable. Choose from a variety of protein &    rice selections

• Made with real, natural ingredients 

• No artificial flavors

• All of our Rice Bowl meals are chef-prepared

• Good serving portions

• Choose to have your meals delivered to your door    weekly or bi-weekly

• Microwave immediately or save for later in the    refrigerator/freezer

Subscription-Based Pre-Made Rice Bowl Meals by Rice Bowl

What’s in Your Box?

• 2 free sauce samples with every order
• Fresh whole avocado with every order
• 1 bag of parsley flakes (for garnishing)

Fresh Meal Kit Subscription by Rice Bowl

Fresh Meal Kit

• Fresh & Ready Rice Bowl Meal Prep kit: Gluten-free   long- grain basmati rice, mixed veggies, 1 premium   sauce pouch, and 1 protein pouch
• 2-3 gel packs to keep food fresh & refrigerated

New Rice Bowl Meal Added Every Month

Each Rice Bowl meal is easily customizable and serves 1 person per serving. Select your choice of rice and protein to fit your type of bowl. All of our Rice Bowls come with a side of fresh mixed vegetables.

  • Tomato Garden & Basil Rice Bowl

    Tomato Garden & Basil Bowl

    340 Cal; Gluten Free

  • Oxtail Rice Bowl

    Oxtail Bowl

    890 Cal; Gluten Free; Contains seafood

  • Curry Rice Bowl

    Curry Bowl

    380 Cal; Gluten Free

  • Garlic Herb Bowl

    510 Cal; Gluten Free

  • Sweet BBQ Stir-Fry Bowl

    350 Cal; Gluten Free

  • Chili Rice Bowl

    Chili Bowl

    480 Cal; Gluten Free

  • Tikka Masala Bowl

    530 Cal; Gluten Free

  • Mediterranean Medley Bowl

    507 Cal; Gluten Free

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